Whether your project is a multi-storey parking garage or double-wide home garage – we have you covered.

Protect your structural asset and prevent costly repairs by installing a coating or membrane. Let us know the key requirements for your project and we will select a custom tailored solution.  Seamless liquid applied membranes are offered in many colors, thicknesses and surface finishes.

Miller & Co technicians are trained in industry standard installation methods and products. We will meet or exceed your pre-engineered coating specifications or assist in system selection.

Select from a wide range of materials based on; waterproofing, durability, chemical resistance, traffic type, turn around, traction needs, aesthetic,  initial cost or cost over time and more.

Did you know Miller & Co offers decorative coating installations? In addition to protecting your asset, increase the value of your home garage, shop floor, reception area, office floor, air craft hanger etc.

Reach out to us today if you would like to view coating samples or arrange for a complimentary estimate.