Injection Repair Scenarios

Injection Repair Scenarios

Already know the basics of injection repair, yet still deciding if the repair type is right for you? See a few examples of what we tackle on a regular basis.

Active Leaks

Dealing with gushing water is not something usually planned for. It can happen any time in concrete defects; honeycombing, failed water-stop, form tie holes, control joints and more. Often repair materials are washed away before allowed to cure or diluted with so much water they do not cure at all. Our technicians have experience dealing with active water leaks and can repair, fill, or patch an active water leak. Using proven injection methods, we can allow other materials to be placed in unison for a multifaceted repair approach.

Failed Leak Repair

We are not kidding when we say we have seen it all. Single component bitumen products inside occupied homes, playdough shoved into basement cracks. Single component caulking in pipe penetrations full of water. Anchoring adhesive filled into intersect drill holes with no hope of it entering a crack. Urethane injection failures. Crystalline waterproofing trapping water, causing flaking and accelerating corrosion. Although we are not always the first call on a leak repair project, rest assured we will be the last contractor to have to battle the problem. With our proven repair methods, we can address failed leak repairs with confidence.

Office Leaks

Wet spots on drop ceiling tiles? Efflorescence flaking from painted ceiling? Raindrops indoors are never a good sign. Leaks usually happen in the wet season, which can be frustrating as membranes and roofing materials need dry surfaces to bond to. Injection repair can be done from the interior in any weather. Epoxy injection is a permanent localized repair, but for full prevention of future leaks a roofing membrane should be planned for.

Our technicians can work outside of regular business hours to repair leaks with minimal disruption.

Water Diversion

Ponding water on a floor surface, water not quite getting into the drain, significant wall leaks with little to no repair budget? Have us come to site to access if there are low budget options available. These can be as simple as diverting water into areas that will cause less disruption to building users. Or as complex as reducing hydrostatic water pressure using ports and perimeter plumbing.