Elevator Pit Leak Repair

Elevator Pit Leak Repair

Elevator pit leak repair is one of the most challenging locations for leak repair in a building. These repairs separate the experienced contractors, from the ones looking to make a quick buck.

Why is a elevator pit leak so hard to repair?

Below are a few reasons a skilled contractor is required;

• The elevator pit is the lowest (deepest underground) area of the building. Ground-water pressure is highest in the elevator pit because it is the lowest spot in a building.
• Active (gushing) water inhibits the placement of most concrete leak repair materials.
• Leaks from cracks and construction joints are common. Less common leaks around anchor bolts or hydraulic components may require specialty materials and a well trained repair person to identify the problem.
• Pit floors are prone to contamination from site debris, as prep work may be done months before placing the floor slab.
• Repair materials previously used by others may be covering the root of the problem.
• A solution that stops gushing water at construction, may not be stopping the water many years into the life of a building.
• Deep sitting water makes finding the source of the concrete leak more difficult to repair.
• Estimating the cost to repair an elevator is difficult without direct experience in other buildings elevator pits. Contractors with a single specialization may decide after the pit is drained, that they aren’t able to solve the problem!
• On top of the repair cost, an elevator technician is required for access and elevator shut off. This added cost means the contractor must be confident they can provide a repair in a efficient manner.

Why is it important to fix a leaking elevator pit?

• Leaks will corrode anchor points and critical elevator components.
• Stagnant water will increase moisture levels and increase the likelihood of mold
• A pit full of water can hide a hydraulic component leak.
• Water can reach light fixtures and cause electrical shorts
• Smoke detectors affected by leaks can cause the fire alarms to go off requiring building evacuation.
• Not to mention your building inspector or elevator contractor would not be impressed!

Technicians at Miller & Co have solved many elevator pit leaks. Count on us to be your dependable source of leak repair. We work with a wide range of builders, general contractors, strata councils, and other building owners

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