Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

For coatings and other surface treatments to bond, they must be free of dirt, dust, debris, oil and other contaminants.  But concrete surface preparation is more than just sweeping or pressure washing. Surfaces must also be the correct concrete surface profile. Higher CSP’s mean more surface area for the material to bond to. Below are a few methods of achieving a properly prepared concrete surface.


Clean and prepare your concrete by removing contaminants and opening up the pores of the slab. Can also remove adhesives, glue, mastics and more. This concrete surface preparation method will achieve a CSP 1-2.

Washed Out Slab / Rained Out Slab

Remove the weak surface layer of concrete caused by excess surface water. Proper removal of laitance is critical for bonding future surface coatings. Can be done via diamond tooling and/or bush-hammering. Washed out slabs may also require a densifying sealer to prevent dusting on the concrete surface. Trust a professional to perform this concrete surface preparation, call us at 604-997-2949.

Coating Removal

Use of scraping equipment and/or PCD’s to remove thicker traffic deck coatings or failed garage floor coatings. What are PCD’s? Poly-Crystalline Diamonds shred and tear coatings from the substrate. Scraping alone may leave a thin surface layer of existing coating. PCD’s will clean down to bare concrete during the membrane removal process.


Dust free shot blasting cleans and abrades the surface of concrete while also opening the pores. Removes contaminants and increasing the bond strength of a slab prior to coating installation. Shot blasting de-dusts a slab after grinding to remove particulate from the pores of ground concrete. Can also be used to increase the slip resistance of a smooth concrete floor without the need for anti slip coatings. Shotblasting your concrete surface will provide a CSP 2-4 depending on the shot size and travel speed.


Increase bonding effectiveness by removing the surface layer of concrete and roughen the surface. Used prior to the installation toppings, parging, shotcrete or other cementitious products.